Rebekah Maysles

Rebekah Maysles is a New York City based artist and the managing director of Maysles Films, Inc.  In 2009 she co-edited and illustrated the book Grey Gardens- filled with Maysles Films ephemera and many hand made illustrations. . She has been involved in artist collaborations with companies such as Anthropologie, JCrew- and smaller collaborations with collectives such as Space 1026 and Megawords Magazine. Upcoming projects include illustrations for Marcus Samuelsson’s cookbook Marcus: Off Duty released October 2014.For the past three years she has been managing Maysles Films- focusing on archive preservation, redevelopment and special projects.   

Artist Statement:

I am constantly collecting things. Photographs, conversations on the corner of 125th street, notes that fall out of people's pockets, catching somebody fall asleep on the subway. When I dream I go in and out of focus, moments of calm and then extreme, all jumbled like histories where something that may seem simple can have the weight of the past attached to it.

In my work I enjoy repeating images, making them disappear and then come back again. I feel there is a battle of determination in making those marks make sense, things overpower each other - like listening to music when the subway starts pulling into the station.  I am interested in organic formations and dense environments. In my drawings, beautiful and ordinary objects fight for attention, a flower on top of another, one under the next, scattered and determined to establish their independence. I enjoy drawing, observing and seeing perfect systems dissolve in an infinitely complex world.